Learn Something New Today

In every young entrepreneur’s life there comes a part of the day when there’s nothing to do. This is the time when he/she should try to improve himself. Take a walk and get that much-needed exercise. What good is being a six-figure earner if you drop dead two days later? You can also take time to learn something new. Read a book or watch a video, everybody and I mean everybody has room for growth. For instance, I went on YouTube to learn how to make banners to put on this very blog that you are reading now. This is something that will prove useful in the future, especially when posting banner ads on traffichurricane.plus. Learning things like this can also be passed on to the people you sign up. You can label this as an included training. Not to mention it will make you look like a guru.

Self-improvement should be a goal of us all. It should go past just being wealthy. We all yearn to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. So take that spare hour or two in your day and put the remote away. There will be time for Call of Duty later. Go over your training. Maybe even make your own training. I watched some videos today and taught myself how to make animated banners so I can pass this on to my sign-ups. Now not only do I look smarter, I am a little smarter. This blog is a form of training as long as I can pass something on to you.

That is all I have for you guys today. I hope it helps you on your time management. Remember there are No wasted minutes in our days. I will be posting a banner making tutorial video in the near future and adding it to this post so check back soon.

Building a Fortune with Easy Cash Code

There was once a time when people got together to build the things we use in everyday life. This was a time long before robotic car manufacturers and instant everything. Back when things were built and they lasted for what seemed forever. My grandfather had his color television that looked like a piece of furniture for 30 years. You have cars from the 1960’s still on the street today. All of these things were built with the intention of them lasting forever or just getting good use out of them. Now you move forward 40 to 50 years and it’s the age of instant everything. Your $1000 cell phone barely makes it the life of its 2-year contract. The television has to be replaced before the warranty is up then you have to buy a new warranty. Before I get off track you must be asking what does this have to do with a work at home blog or anything to do with money? You are about to learn how to use the Easy Cash Code to build an income that will last for the ages.

Today everybody is trying to make money from home. At least get some money from their old friend the internet. Oh, yes our friend the internet can give us money but it will cost you. It will cost you time, money, and probably a few years off your life. Many people try to get Uncle internet to give them money for free. We all know how that works out. Uncle internet wants you to give something to get something. Some programs range from as little as $5 to as much as $27,000.  So is one program the answer? Probably not. Here is where the assembly line comes in. You take a well-designed group of programs and build yourself an income. This works best for a team. A controlled group at first maybe 5 to 10. Then have everybody follow the same steps until you reach your goal. Each step you will see your income grow and become more solid and dependable.

We have come up with such a blueprint to use to build your income. You will build a strong and mighty income just by following the steps laid out in front of you and being patient. In as little as 90 days, when done properly, you can reach $1900 a week. We will also show you a way to invest your new found wealth to explode your earning to unbelievable proportions. How does this sound to you? If you find yourself interested just visit this link www.terencefloyd.com/6figswithfloyd. Here you will find the detailed blueprint.


Gaining Momentum with Instagram part 2

Last time we picked out a photo and added a quote. This time we post this photo and apply the proper hashtags to get it some broader coverage. Since we are using hashtags don’t share it to FaceBook just repost it without the tags. FaceBook has issues with hashtags and won’t  give you the normal boost as you would get with Instagram or Twitter. It all comes down to money but that’s just between us.  I get my list of hashtags from top-hashtags.com. This site breaks down tags by niche so your targeting will be spot on. The included video tutorial will show you how I do this.

Gain Momentum with Instagram

Today we have found out that social media is king. It is a platform that everyone is using to get their message out to the masses. From the kindly old church lady making her church announcements to the President making policy social media is there. In other words, everyone is in here getting their social fix. Now it’s up to you to figure how to leverage this new phenomenon into profits for your business. Do you mindlessly blast your followers with nonstop links and advertisements or do you post pug pics hoping that some new customer comes waltzing onto your site?

There’s a way for this to be done. First of all, you need to be organized. At least think things out before you begin posting but you should be writing things out for a maximized organization. Try to keep your posts on a general theme and don’t confuse your viewer. Next, be clean, go through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and remove all nonsense. If you were in a twerk-off three years ago remove that from memory quickly. Spare your potential customers any “ghetto” stuff from your past. These people have to view you as a dependable and trustworthy person. This is mainly because these are the same kind of people you are trying to attract. Especially if you are in any residual businesses or a business with chargebacks. You don’t want anyone backing out too early causing you to lose money. If you have to start a new page but do not invite any friends or family and if they find you and join your new page block them. Friends and family can be your biggest haters. Don’t even give them a chance to rain on your parade.

In my opinion, Instagram is the easiest to start off fresh without getting shut down. Instagram can be managed totally by cellphone without ever touching a computer. Your spare time can be spent posting, replying, liking, and following your way to riches. A strong Instagram page with 10,000+ followers can easily make $15 an hour doing shoutouts for other business. This in itself has become an additional income stream for many people. I use my Galaxy S8+ to post on Instagram and edit most of my videos. You will see that inspirational and motivational pages have become very popular on Instagram and this is the kind of page you should concentrate on. Just keep your pictures and quotes on a common theme and the likes will poor in. Also, remember to Google popular hashtags to include with your posts to broaden your reach.