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Hello and Welcome

My name is Terry Floyd. I'm a husband, father, and affiliate marketer. I retired in june of 2014 and moved fom NYC to the Atlanta Georgia area. Like many of you I have made all the right moves. I got a good city job, worked my 21 years and retired with a half pension. The money was good but not good enough. Personally, I felt that getting another job was not acceptable. In turn, I turned to the internet where some mistakes were made but have been corrected.

I have come up with a plan that has been working and now I'm going to share it with you.

List Building is KEY!

When you hear of people joining a biz opp and having great success from the start it's because they have a list. A list of people, that they have in their autoresponder, waiting for an offer to buy. This is how you make money at the click of a button.

List Leverage not only helps you build a list quickly. It also is designed to make you a nice income. 

High Ticket Affiliate Offer

Exitus Elite is an educational product that specializes in the internet marketing niche. You buy a course and receive all the products below your level.

Exitus also gives you reseller rights so you can sell these courses for commissions. These commissions range from $100 to $1000.

Quality Traffic Source

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income that pay them repeatedly. This is called residual income and it pays weekly or monthly. In this case your traffic source is also a low to high ticket stream of income. The best part is that it's a renewable resource that people have to repeatedly comeback for. 

Plus they have excellent lead generation training that can explode your Exitus business.

The Plan

The plan is to first join List Leverage and promote it just as they say. Then build your list. As your list grows to 1000 members test it out with ClickBank offers.

Once your list grows past 1000 begin emailing your Exitus Funnels to them. Your Exitus funnels will have Builderall built into them so they will be promoted at the same time.

Your List Leverage will continue to build your list and Exitus and Builderall money is just an email away. 

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